Evelyn joins RSCC OT team

Evelyn Shilubane all dressed up for Ron Smith Care Centre’s spring day celebrations.

Enrolled nursing assistant Evelyn Shilubane has been seconded to Ron Smith Care Centre’s occupational therapy (OT) department due to her passion for the Eden Alternative philosophy and her vast experience working with residents living with dementia.

Evelyn, who has worked at the care centre for the past seven years on the specialised dementia care and other wings, was seconded to the OT department in August.

“The Eden Alternative is revolutionising the way in which Elders are cared for. The core concept is about teaching us to see places where Elders live as habitats for human beings, rather than facilities for the frail and elderly. Eden Alternative thus sees aging as a continued stage of development and growth and not as a period of decline,” says Rand Aid’s senior nursing manager Avril Maltman.

“The Eden Alternative initiative ensures that we bring the highest level of care and wellbeing to our residents and takes into account their holistic wellbeing, not just their physical care,” she adds.

Evelyn is enjoying her new OT role and interacting with the residents.

“I grabbed the opportunity to work in OT with both hands! OT ensures that we take care of all our residents’ needs.

“I am enjoying getting to spend more time with our residents, getting to know them in a different way and understanding their needs. We want to make sure that our residents feel at home and are comfortable. While the role can be challenging at times, I am really enjoying it,” she says.

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